10 Weight Loss Tips on an African Diet

Are you  trying to lose some weight? Being an African on an African diet (Zambian), It can be quite a challenge as the diet consists of  a lot of carbohydrates and sometimes fatty foods. Here are 10 tips on weight loss on an African diet that could help you.

Weight loss on an African Diet

1. Use very little oil (2 table spoons) when cooking preferably vegetable oil.

2.Instead of frying your meat, boil, grill or roast it.
3. Do not over cook you vegetables. Vegetables should maintain their bright colours after cooking. Dull looking vegetables have lost the nutrients in them.
4.Avoid or reduce the fatty meat. Eat chicken without the skin.
5.Avoid heavy meals at night. You are not engaging in any activity to burn it off during the night.
6. Reduce your carbohydrate intake e.g nshima/ugali/pap/fufu/sadza.The ideal size for a meal should be 300g.
7.Avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks
8.Always eat  breakfast
9.Reduce the amount of salt and processed spice in meals
10. Be more active and exercise at least 3 times a week

What other weight loss tips are you using?


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