I have had this blog for a little over a year now. I never really took it seriously because of my full time job which kept me very busy. In fact, last year 2018, I only posted a total of 5 recipes and I did not make a single penny from my blog. Beginning , December of 2018, I decided to put more effort into the blog and to try and monetize it. Here are the exact methods I was able to make some money through my blog


  1. Sponsored posts
  2. Google Adsense
  3. Freelance Work
  4. Food catering services



Sponsored posts


I started by listing down all manufacturing food companies I knew and felt that could do brand sponsorships especially the ones that I have seen do brand awareness using influencers before. I put together a media kit explaining what my blog is all about and the social media following I currently have. I added some photos of my recipes to the media kit and my contact information. I then wrote emails to these companies expressing interest on how I would like to work with them. I heard from 3 different companies and had the opportunity to do some paid work for them, and this was my first cheque for my blog ever which was really exciting for me.

Google Adsense


I was approved for Google Adsense in August of 2018 and since then I have had some passive income slowly coming in. As my traffic is still very low, these earnings are not much but are improving everyday.


Freelance work

Some of my blog income has come from freelance work such as writing content for other blogs and getting paid for it.


Food Catering for small events

I also get orders for food catering services since my blog is about traditional African cuisine (Zambian Food) and  this is a prospect I plan to go into fully.


More Opportunities for Monetization


I am currently writing a cookbook for my recipes and have plans to conduct online cooking classes to add to my revenue.


What are some ways you monetize your food blog? Please Comment below




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