Lumanda with Pounded Groundnuts
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Lumanda with Pounded Groundnuts

Lumanda is a vegetable very popular in Zambia. It is a very tasty dish among Zambian recipes. It has a natural sour taste which contributes to it’s delicious taste especially if prepared with powdered groundnuts. Lumanda in English is known as Hibiscus sadbiriffa, well…that is the scientific name.  There are plenty Lumanda health  benefits which include  controlling hypertension due to phyto nutrients called anthocyanins. according to an article by Asunta Simoloka here.

Today we are going to learn how to cook Lumanda with groundnuts. We are also going to incorporate how to cook Lumanda with cooking oil for those that do not consume groundnuts. The most popular Lumanda recipe is of course the one prepared with groundnuts because it is one of the rich and tasty Zambian traditional recipes.



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