Zambian Cuisines- Dried Fish Recipe

Zambian cuisine includes different types of fish stews. Fish commonly known as isabi (Bemba) or Nsomba (Nyanja) in Zambian language is a rich source of protein. Today, we are preparing a  dried fish  recipe but before we can get into the recipe, let us discuss the benefits of dried fish.

According to an article by Legacy Food Storage, “most of the fishes that are available in dried form come with very less amount of cholesterol or salt but with much amount of the minerals as well as vitamins that are necessary for the development of one’s body.

Saturated fat that is present in dried fish is also very less and so it protects heart and also the issues related with higher blood pressure.

Most of the individuals may find this as a great food to be included in the diet so that it is possible to fight with heart diseases, diabetes and also obesity”.


dry fish

Dried Fish Recipe

To prepare this delicious cuisine, you need;


2 Whole dried fish
2 Medium tomatoes (diced)
1 Medium sized onion (chopped)
3-4 Tablespoons cooking oil
Some salt to taste


  • Clean the dried fish using warm water.
  • Let it rest for about 30 minutes in the water
  • Break/Cut the fish into pieces (this is so to make it fit into the pot).
  • Heat the cooking oil in a pot and add tomatoes and onions
  • Sautee for some 5 minutes
  • Then add the fish on top
  • Add some water and boil
  • Continue adding a bit of water until the fish is tender and the stew makes a thick looking gravy
  • Then it Is ready to serve
  • Serve with nshima/ pap.
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Happy Eating!