Dry Okra with Powdered Groundnuts

Dry okra is one dish i enjoyed very much growing up. Every once or twice a month, I go out to buy some dried foods from the market.Because I usually just buy dried kapenta(sardines), dried fish, dried beans, I never really look at what other dried foods are being offered by the seller. But last week, as I waited for my change of money after I bought my kapenta, I had time to look at what else was being displayed in those lubangos. Then I noticed something I know from my childhood,…. dry okra!. I was like YAY! I know how to cook that.It brought back a lot of childhood memories. I remember my mom giving the mortar and pestle and a sieve to start the preparation of this yummy dish!

If you have cooked okra before, you know of its slimy nature. The dried one is not any different, only before cooking it is very hard and crunchy. I am sharing a mommy -taught recipe that combines the deliciousness of dried okra with the yumminess of powdered groundnuts. So without further ado, let’s get into it

What you will need

  1. 1 cup of dried okra (cut in slices or broken to reduce its size)
  2. 1 cup of powdered groundnuts
  3. 1 medium sized tomato (grated)
  4. ¾ teaspoon of cooking soda
  5. 2 cups of water
  6. A mortar and pestle for preparing the okra
  7. A sieve


  1. Pound the dried okra using a mortar and pestle
  2. Sieve out the smoother powdered okra and put back the okra in the mortar and pound again . repeat the process until the okra is completely powder.
  3. Put the okra powder in a pot, add a cup of water, and stir to make a paste
  4. Add a cup of powdered groundnuts to the mixture and stir
  5. Continue to add some more water to the mixture until the paste is a little light and not too thick
  6. Put it on the heat and stir continuously
  7. Add the soda and some salt and continue stirring for 20 minutes
  8. Add the grated tomato and stir for 20 minutes
  9. When the mixture gets to a nice brown color and has an inviting aroma, the dish is ready
  10. Serve with nshima as a side dish along with your protein dishes.


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