There are plenty okra recipes on the internet. My favorite method is frying.  I prefer it this way  because not only are the nutrients retained but it is also very tasty especially when saved with a chicken dish and some Nshima (pap) African style. Okra contains many nutritional benefits. Read about them here;

Below are the exact steps of how to cook okra by frying;


Fresh Okra
4 tablespoons cooking oil
1 medium tomato
1 medium onion
Fresh Chilli (optional)

How to cook okra


1. Wash the okra and cut into slices
2. Add some cooking oil to a pan and add some salt
3. Put the Okra on the pan and stir continuously for approximately 7-10 minutes
4. Remove the Okra from the pan and add the tomato and onion. Stir until they are cooked
5. Put back the Okra on the pan and mix well with the gravy making sure the okra does not break(mash)
6. Mix well for 2 minutes
7. Ready to serve
8. Enjoy!

Cooking tip: Adding salt to the oil helps keep the okra green. This type of dish is especially enjoyable if served with a grilled fish and nshima/pap/ugali.

There are still plenty more okra recipes in Africa. Look out for more in the next blog posts

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