How to Cook Chicken Feet-Zambian Food

When it comes to chicken very few things are inedible in Zambian Cuisine. Chicken feet are called Ifikandilo in Bemba language. They are usually cooked together with other internal parts of a chicken like the liver, gizzard, neck, intestines and sometimes the head and are collectively called “set”. It is not uncommon to find these parts being sold in supermarkets in bulk such as a pack of chicken feet, gizzards, necks or livers. They can be enjoyed with nshima and a vegetable. Here is a recipe on how to cook Chicken feet.

Chicken feet
Photo by @soniascateringzambia


How to cook Chicken Feet


1 pack of Chicken feet

1 medium sized onion

1 small green pepper

1 tablespoon cooking oil

Seasoning of you choice

Some salt to taste


  1. Clean your chicken feet by removing the hard outer skin and cut out the nail parts
  2. Rinse them in water
  3. Put them in a pot
  4. Add a bit of water, some salt and seasoning
  5. Add the coking oil and bring to a boil
  6. When the water evaporates, stir the chicken feet a bit as if you are frying
  7. Add some chopped onion and green pepper and stir
  8. Put in a little bit of water to make just a little gravy.
  9. Simmer and it is ready to serve
  10. Enjoy with nshima (pap) or as a snack

Happy Eating!


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