How to Cook Pig’s Trotters-Zambian Food

Pig’s Trotters are the feet of a pig. Just like beef hooves (cow feet), they are a delicious Zambian dish that can be enjoyed with nshima and vegetables. They are also sticky in texture and tend to make a thick gravy. Today we are going to learn how to cook Pig’s trotters the Zambian way.

Pig's trotters


You will need;


½ kg of pork trotters (already cut in pieces)

2 medium tomatoes

1 onion

3 tablespoons cooking oil



Seasoning of your choice

How to cook Pig’s Trotters


  1. Wash the trotters in cold water
  2. Put them in a pot and add water, salt and a bit of cooking oil
  3. Bring to a boil for about 3-4 hours adding more water when it evaporates
  4. When the trotters are cooked, soft and tender, add tomato and onion
  5. Add seasoning and stir well
  6. Continue to cook until the tomatoes are cooked
  7. The trotters will make a rich thick gravy
  8. Simmer for a few minutes
  9. It is now ready to serve

You can serve with nshima and a side vegetable.



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