How to Cook Village Chicken-Zambian Food

Village Chicken is a term used to describe chickens that are not reared by giving them feed. They are basically free range chickens. They are much harder in texture than broiler chickens but are very tasty. They are raised organically and free of chemicals from chicken feed. It is preferred by most Zambians because it is healthy. In this recipe. We are going to learn how to cook village chicken the Zambian way by boiling and then making a stew.

How to cook Village Chicken

How to cook village chicken
Photo by @chochomdee


1 Whole Village Chicken (dressed)

2 medium sized tomato (diced) or tomato paste

1 onion (chopped)


1/2 tsp curry powder

200mls of water


  1. Clean the chicken and cut into your desired pieces
  2.   Wash the pieces and put in a pot, add salt and some water and bring to a boil while covering the pot.  This will take about 30-40 minutes.
  3. When the water evaporates, the chicken releases fats which acts as cooking oil. Without adding any excess oil, add water bit by bit frying the chicken with a wooden spoon until the chicken turns golden brown. If the chicken is not fatty, you can add at least 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and fry.
  4. Thereafter add onion a tablespoon tomato paste or tomatoes and mix everything together.
  5.  Add some bit of  water and reduce the heat
  6. Cook on low heat, well covered until it is tender and done.
  7. Ready to serve


Cooking Tip

You can add spices of your choice to the village chicken. Because it has a very nice flavour and aroma naturally, most people prefer to just add some curry powder for some colour and preserve its natural taste.

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There are also other ways of how to cook village chicken like frying which we will learn in a future recipe.