How to Cook Impwa-Eggplant Recipes

How to Cook Impwa-Eggplant Recipes

Impwa is a type of eggplants called Garden egg. It is an important crop in several African countries and is indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa.It is a small, white fruit with a teardrop or roundish shape that is valued for its bitterness. It can be used in stews and eaten raw  Today, we are going to learn how to cook Impwa the Zambian way.

Impwa is mainly served with nshima (pap) in Zambia.

In an article by Dr Chitalu Chilufya on, ” Eggplants are a natural source of vitamin B, such as thiamin, niacin, B6 and pantothenic acid, that helps the body in the proper use of fat and protein; and also contributes to the nervous system positively. Vitamin B plays a vital role in promoting good health and well-being. It helps in brain development and also helps in making sure that the immune and nervous system works properly. Regular consumption of impwa provides you with enough vitamin B needed by the body.”

There are several methods on how to cook Impwa.  Here are just some of the recipe videos we could find from Zambian Cooks that you will love.


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IMPWA RECIPE from Margaret Mwanza
Click here for the video recipe

IMPWA RECIPE from temzibites
Click here for the video recipe

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