Swimming at the Victoria Falls Devils Pool: Is it safe?

Swimming at the Victoria Falls Devils Pool: Is it safe?

 The Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is located are at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Devils Pool is one of the famous activities to engage in at the Victoria Falls and it has been described as one  the world’s most scary adventures. Therefore the question , “Is the Devils Pool safe?”

The Devils pool is one  thrilling activity.   To experience it, one has to go for a swim in it.

The pool is literary over the edge,  at the brim of the large curtain of falling water.

It is one experience that makes the Victoria Falls worth visiting.  This thrilling and exhilarating adventure is so worth it and feels just as incredible as it sounds.

Is the Devils Pool safe?

Well, according to the tour guides, there have never been any deaths or casualties on record at Devil’s Pool during the tour itself. However, the possible risks could include falling over the edge of the pool.

There is also a part where you have to swim against the currents and if you are not a good swimmer you might have to weigh the decision to participate carefully.

The good news is that you will at no time be alone because you are a part of a tour group operated by Tongabezi Hotel which departs from the Royal Livingstone Hotel.

You will also be assigned at least 2 guides whose main focus is to ensure that everyone is safe.

When is the best time to visit Devils Pool?

The driest months (August to October) are the ideal time to visit if you are targeting the Devil’s Pool, (to experience the magnificence of the falls, you have to visit immediately after the  rainy months, March-June) .

The pool is closed from February to June when the rains cause higher water levels that make swimming in the Zambezi unsafe.

The Experience

The experience is of course exhilarating and thrilling for adventure seekers. It is of course scary because well… you are at the very edge staring at the falling water and your only protection from falling in is a very strong rock. You definitely need courage for this.

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How to Book a Devil’s Pool Tour

The Devil’s Pool is part of the Livingstone Island tour which is run exclusively by Tongabezi Lodge. But you don’t have to stay with them to be able to book the experience; you can book it through any travel agency you prefer.

You need to book in advance because spaces tend to run out. The price depends on type of tour you book whether it is breakfast , lunch or high tea packages.

Each tour regardless of time includes: at least 2 tour guides, a boat ride from Royal Livingstone Hotel to Livingstone Island and drinks.

What to Pack

 You can bring;


Water proof shoes

Change of clothes- a maxi dress or some shorts are great

Warm coat-may be needed if the weather is cold as it may be quite unpredictable at times

Sunglasses-despite the water, there is generally hot weather and direct sunlight hence you need to protect your eyes.

For your Photography;

Camera- a simple camera will do since you will be in water and you don’t want equipment that is too bulky.

Waterproof camera case

Waterproof phone

One of the tour guides helps you capture your Devil’s pool memories.

Getting a Flight and Visa to Visit Victoria Falls

Look for flights on Skyscanner.  The nearest airports are Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone if you are coming through Zambia. Another airport is in Lusaka city (Kenneth Kaunda International Airport). There are local buses that connect from Lusaka to Livingstone, a trip of about 7-8 hour (486 km).

Both Zambia and Zimbabwe require a visa to enter the country for most nationalities. Visas on arrival are available both at Victoria Falls and Livingstone airport.

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