How to cook Kalembula-Zambian Food

how to cook kalembula

Kalembula is Sweet Potato leaves. It is a Zambian Vegetable and can be best enjoyed with Nshima (Pap) and a protein dish like beef, fish and Kapenta. It is very easy to cook and does not take up a long time. The best way to cook Kalembula (Sweet potato leaves) is by frying. It is … Read more

6 Zambian Traditional foods you must try

Nshima Zambian food

Zambia is a country rich in food culture. It has some mouth-watering traditional dishes that you can easily find in restaurants, lodges and even in some five star hotels. The cuisine comprises of a lot of Zambian  traditional foods but most of these are not usually available in eating places because of the amount of … Read more

5 Reasons to Visit Zambia-Africa Travel

5 reasons to visit Zambia

Zambia is a beautiful country with lots of tourist attractions. Here are the 5 main reasons you should visit Zambia at least once in your lifetime. Waterfalls (Including the Mighty Victoria Falls) National Parks Beautiful Water Bodies Rich Culture –Traditional Ceremonies The Food The Waterfalls Zambia is one of the countries that are rich in … Read more

Ifisashi- Chibwabwa With Groundnuts

How to prepare ifisashi

Ifisashi is a term used to describe a dish that is prepared with groundnuts in Zambia. Most of Zambian cuisine especially vegetables can be cooked as ifisashi but the common ones are chibwabwa (pumpkin leaves) , and katapa (cassava leaves). In this recipe, the ifisashi dish we are making use of fresh chibwabwa (pumpkin leaves). … Read more

Zambian Chicken Stew Recipe

  Recipe by Natasha at   One of Zambia’s comfort foods is chicken stew – cooked in a savory tomato and onion gravy, nicely seasoned to create a beautiful flavor. This Zambian chicken stew recipe requires very few ingredients, some of which are in your kitchen right now. So go look around your cabinets … Read more

How to Cook Chibwabwa Pumpkin Leaves

How to cook Chibwabwa pumpkin leaves

Pumpkin leaves are popularly known as Chibwabwa in Zambian Language. In today’s recipe, we are going to learn how to cook Chibwabwa (Pumpkin Leaves ) with oil in a Zambian way. Chibwabwa is a dark leafy green vegetable full of Vitamins. It is very healthy and tasty. It only takes about 20 to 25 minutes … Read more

How to Cook Busala : Zambian Food Recipes

how to cook busala

  Today we are going to learn how to cook Busala with gravy. Busala sometimes known as Lusala is a root vegetable commonly found in the Southern part of Zambia. It is a dish authentic to Zambia. The English name is not well known but the scientific name is Dioscorea hirtiflora. (Food Composition Report 1311 … Read more

Amaranth Leaves Recipe-Bondwe


Amaranth leaves popularly known bondwe in Zambia are a very healthy and tasty vegetable rich in folate iron.  There are plenty amaranth leaves benefits in terms of health and these include a source of minerals and vitamins which contribute immensely to health and wellness and the fact that amaranth leaves contain only traces of fats … Read more

Okra Recipes-Fried in an African Style

fried okra recipes

There are plenty okra recipes that are all very delicious. One method is by frying the okra.  I prefer it this way  because not only are the nutrients retained but it is also very tasty especially when saved with a chicken dish and some Nshima (pap). You can find other okra recipes that are common … Read more

How to Make Chilli Chicken Gizzards

Chilli chicken gizzards

Here is a simple recipe for chilli chicken gizzards. These meaty bites found in the digestive tract of a chicken are so tasty and delicious. They are  kind of dark meat chicken. Since the gizzard of a chicken is a powerfully strong muscle, its meat is a bit tough and chewy. In this recipe, I … Read more