Oven Grilled Goat Meat- Simple Recipe

goat meat recipe

Goat meat stew is the most famous way to prepare goat meat and mainly served with hot rice or nshima (pap). I didn’t have much time to prepare lunch so i  prepared it the easiest way I could think of by throwing it in the grill and it came out really  yummy. I am definitely … Read more

How to Cook Soya Chunks Zambian Style

soya chunks benefits

If you would like to cut down on meat, you should definitely try soya chunks for protein replacement. In today’s recipe, we are going to learn how to cook soya chunks. There are plenty recipes on how to cook soya chunks from all over the world. Here, we are going to look at the different … Read more

Mopane Worms (Caterpillars)-Zambian Edible Insects

mopane worms

Mopane worms are an incredibly important source of protein. The thought of eating caterpillars may make you feel anything from adventurous to uncomfortable. While others may enjoy munching on this nutritious and tasty morsel, others may cringe at the sight of it. Though they may not be first on the menu for many of us, … Read more

Oven Grilled Fish-Simple Recipe

Tilapia grilled Fish

Fish is a high-protein, low-fat food that provides a range of health benefits. White-fleshed fish,  is lower in fat than any other source of animal protein, and oily fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids. One healthy way to prepare fish is by grilling into the oven because this preparation method does not need a … Read more

Lumanda with Pounded Groundnuts

Lumanda Zambian Food

Lumanda is a vegetable very popular in Zambia. It is a very tasty dish among Zambian recipes. It has a natural sour taste which contributes to it’s delicious taste especially if prepared with powdered groundnuts. Lumanda in English is known as Hibiscus sadbiriffa, well…that is the scientific name.  It has plenty health benefits which include … Read more

Zambian Cuisines- Dried Fish Recipe

dried fish recipe

Zambian cuisine includes different types of fish stews. Fish commonly known as isabi (Bemba) or Nsomba (Nyanja) in Zambian language is a rich source of protein. Today, we are preparing a  dried fish  recipe but before we can get into the recipe, let us discuss the benefits of dried fish. According to an article by … Read more

Busala/Lusala-Beef Stew- Zambian Food


Busala or Lusala are a root tubers commonly found in the Southern part of Zambia. It looks like a yam. The English name is not well known but the scientific name is Dioscorea hirtiflora (Food Composition Report 1311, 2007). It can be eaten as a snack when plainly boiled with some salt or eaten with … Read more

Dry Okra Recipe-Zambian Food

dry okra recipe

Okra is  a common vegetable in almost all parts of the world. it is a very healthy vegetable and very tasty.African and  Indian cuisine has plenty  variety of raw okra recipes both dry and fresh. Today i will be sharing a dry okra recipe that is common in Zambia. this is one dish I enjoyed … Read more