How to Make Samoosa- Simple Recipe

How to Make Samoosa- Simple Recipe

Samoosas are a deep fried pastry with a spicy filling, usually minced meat, potatoes, some spices and other veggies like carrots and green peas. Because they are small in size, they are convenient for breakfast,  work lunch, for school going kids and for an after lunch snack. Today, we will look at a recipe on how to make Samoosa.

Samoosa or commonly spelled as Samosa are a popular snack across Africa and India. The are believed to have originated from the middle east.

They can be found everywhere as a party snack, street food and even in restaurants and cafes.

Beef and potatoes are usually the main ingredients in a samoosa but they can filling can easily be substituted with vegetable ingredients for such as carrots, green beans and peas for vegans and vegetarians. Chicken can also be used as a filling as long as it well seasoned and spicy.

The great part about the samoosa pastry is that it can also be baked if you do not prefer deep frying.


You can follow these step by step video on how to make samoosa from Cooking with Natty.

Watch below:

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