5 Reasons to Visit Zambia-Africa Travel

Zambia is a beautiful country with lots of tourist attractions. Here are the 5 main reasons you should visit Zambia at least once in your lifetime.

  1. Waterfalls (Including the Mighty Victoria Falls)
  2. National Parks
  3. Beautiful Water Bodies
  4. Rich Culture –Traditional Ceremonies
  5. The Food
    1. The Waterfalls

Zambia is one of the countries that are rich in water bodies in Africa. Waterfall Tours are among the most popular trips.  The most spectacular is of course the mighty Victoria Falls, but there are others that are just as beautiful around the country.

Chishimba falls zambia
Chishimba Falls, Northern Province


The Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is the largest in Zambia and is found in Livingstone town. The rest are mainly concentrated in the northern region. Most of them are remotely located so you have to embark on an adventure to find them. A self-drive road trip using an off-road vehicle is the best way to access these.  The major ones are:

Lumangwe Falls

Kalambo Falls

Ngonye Falls

Kundalila Falls

Chishimba Falls


  1. The National Parks

There are a number of National parks in Zambia where one can enjoy walking safaris and bird viewing. The main functioning are 9 and are:

Kafue National Park

Kasanka National Park

Lochinvar National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park

Liuwa Plain National Park

Mosi-otunya National Park

North Luangwa National Park

Nsumbu National Park

Sioma Ngwezi National Park

South Luangwa National

African Safari


The national parks are administered by the Department of Parks and Recreation.


  1. The Lakes and Rivers

Zambia has beautiful lakes and rivers. Lake Tanganyika is the longest lake in the world, while Lake Kariba is Africa’s largest man-made dam. Other lakes are Lake Bangweulu and Lake Mweru in the Northern Province. Zambia also has 3 major rivers and several substantial tributaries. The major rivers are the Kafue, Luangwa and Zambezi Rivers. The Kafue and Luangwa Rivers are the life blood of the Kafue and Luangwa National Parks and here you can see hippos, crocodiles as well as water birds.

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Lake Bangweulu
Lake Bangweulu, Luapula Province


  1. Traditional Ceremonies

Zambia has a rich culture and this is celebrated in the various traditional ceremonies conducted by different tribes. In total Zambia has about 73 languages and the majority of these have their own traditional ceremonies, but the major ones are:

Kuomboka Ceremony                                      Lozi of Western Province

Likumbi Lya Mize ceremony                         Luvale of North-Western Province

N’cwala ceremony                                            Ngoni of Eastern Province

Umutomboko Ceremony                                   Lunda/Luba

Ukusefya Pang’wena                                        Bemba of Northern Province

Kulamba Kubwalo                                             Lenje of Central Province

Shimunenga for the  Ila of Southern Province

Kulamba                                                              Chewa of Eastern Province


  1. The Food

Nshima with offals
Photo by @bibiangreen


The staple food in Zambia is called Nshima/Nsima. It is paste-like prepared using only 2 ingredients (maize meal and water). It is served with different types of relish to make a balanced meal. This relish includes protein dishes such as beef, chicken and fish and green leafy vegetables. The dishes that are authentic to Zambia include Chikanda, Munkoyo, Vinkubala (Caterpillars) etc.

So, these are just some of the many reasons why you should visit Zambia.

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Top 5 reasons you must visit zambia